“World Cleanup Day” Plogging Event

“World Cleanup Day” Plogging Event

As part of Bupa Global's global sustainability and environmental initiative called the "Healthy Cities" project, Bupa Turkiye employees participated in a plogging event held in Istanbul on World Cleanup Day, where they collected litter that had been discarded in the environment.

Bupa Turkiye receives significant support from its employees in its sustainability projects, carried out with the mission of "helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and creating a better world."

Bupa Turkiye employees contributed to cleaning up litter in Belgrad Forest during a "plogging" event organized in collaboration with Green Heroes Turkiye as part of World Cleanup Day. 30 Bupa Turkiye volunteers participated in the event, collecting a total of 171 kilograms of waste, including items like plastic bottles, packaging, and plastic caps while walking through the forest.

Bupa Turkiye volunteers aimed to raise awareness on World Cleanup Day by engaging in plogging activities, combining exercise in nature with efforts to clean up the environment.

Healthy People Healthy Planet

Bupa Turkiye emphasizes that in a world where the planet cannot maintain its ecological balance and natural resources are depleting, the health of humans is also at risk. Bupa Turkiye highlights how environmental issues such as air pollution, scarcity of natural resources, climate change, and biodiversity loss directly impact human health.

Bupa Turkiye promotes the motto "Healthy planet, healthy people" and underscores the importance of sustainable environmental practices and conscious consumption habits to protect both human and planetary health. Bupa Turkiye collaborates with expert organizations in their efforts to achieve these goals.

The program implemented for global awareness: "Healthy Cities."

Bupa's global sustainability project, Healthy Cities, emerged from the inevitable connection between the health of the world and human health. Within the scope of the Healthy Cities program, the goal is to support the improvement of the health of one million people annually by 2025.

What is “Plogging”?

Plogging is an environmental activity that combines raising awareness about the environment with physical activity. The term "plogging" originated in Sweden and is derived from the combination of the Swedish words "plocka upp" (to pick up) and "jogging" (running). The fundamental idea is to pick up litter and trash while running or walking, thereby addressing environmental pollution during exercise.

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