Bupa Turkiye Continues its Support for Earthquake Victims Since the February 6 Earthquake

Bupa Turkiye Continues its Support for Earthquake Victims Since the February 6 Earthquake

Providing support to the region with its volunteer employees since the first day of the earthquake, Bupa Turkiye delivered its special container, which was converted into a mobile health clinic, to Kahramanmaraş, providing health services for more than 2 thousand earthquake victims and helping to heal the wounds. In addition, Bupa Turkiye met the basic nutritional needs of more than 10 thousand earthquake victims per day through a mobile kitchen truck sent to Malatya, and now continues to support the healing of the wounds in the region with the Healthy and Happy Tomorrows "Sustainable Living Project" implemented with Habitat Association.

Bupa Turkiye continues to provide uninterrupted in-kind and cash aid following the February 6 earthquake, which has completed its first year. During this natural disaster process, to which Bupa has allocated a special support fund for the rehabilitation of the region and the society, Bupa Turkiye, which has delivered various aids to the area urgently since the first day, continues to contribute to the recovery of the region and the citizens with social responsibility projects in continuity.

Continuous support to sustainable projects

The Healthy and Happy Tomorrows "Sustainable Living Project", which will be carried out with Habitat Association in Karaçay Container City in Hatay Samandağ, aims to provide an educational and supportive environment for children and their parents who were most affected by the earthquake. Within the scope of the project, there is a park area where children can have a safe and enjoyable time outdoors and a specially organized indoor education area. The social development of both parents and children will be supported through regular trainings and workshops in this education container.

In addition, it will continue its support and presence in Malatya, which was severely affected by the earthquake, by carrying out joint projects with various organizations.

Award for earthquake efforts from Bupa Global

In the year-end evaluation made globally by the world's leading integrated healthcare giant, Bupa, among all Bupa companies, Bupa Turkiye was deemed worthy of the best social responsibility project of the year award by the Bupa Global team, for the supportive work it carried out with great devotion during the February 6 Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes.

Gökhan Gürcan, Chairman of Bupa Turkey: "We are aware of our responsibility"

Stating that they approach their support with the sustainable development approach, Gökhan Gürcan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bupa Turkey, noted that they are a courageous, caring and responsible group and said, "We are experiencing the sorrow of the loss of more than 50 thousand of our citizens due to the earthquakes centered in Pazarcık and Elbistan on February 6, 2023 like the first day. As a nation, we are individuals who know how to come together despite all our differences when we need to, who know how to help each other, and who can act with a high sense of conscience. When we were faced with one of the most devastating earthquakes of the last century, we acted with all of these values; fortunately for the Bupa Turkiye family, we all had and continue to have a contribution, however small, to this solidarity. As a large organization that adopts helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives and creating a better world as its most important goal, we will continue to provide support until all the wounds of the region are healed. We consider it our duty to provide long-term support to the earthquake region and we continue to work with a great sense of responsibility. We are aware of the responsibility we bear."

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