Ata Grubu, expanded its employees flexible benefits with senCard Flexi!

Ata Grubu, expanded its employees flexible benefits with senCard Flexi!

In collaboration, Ata Grubu and it’s 9 companies, along with nearly 1,000 employees, have implemented senCard Flexi to enable their employees to personalize their fringe benefits based on their preferences. In this initial stage, Ata Holding A.Ş., Ata Gayrimenkul Geliştirme, Ata Yatırım, Ata Portföy, Ata GYO, Entegre Harc, ATP-ATA Teknoloji Platformları, Ata Express (Fiyuu & Tıklagelsin), and TFI Tab Gıda Yatırımları have become part of the senCard Flexi program this year. The statement from Ata Grubu indicates that this implementation signifies the first phase of extending this approach to all its enterprises and the multitude of employees.

ATP – Ata Teknoloji Platformu, a subsidiary of Ata Grubu, known for its global-scale software platforms and projects in the technology sector, as the company that collaborated in the development of senCard Flexi, is now among those using senCard Flexi.

senCard Flexi provides employees and companies with the opportunity to gain insight into the overall value of provided core and supporting benefits, easily go over the details, and empowers employees to create customized benefit packages customized to their preferences by selecting the products and services they desire.

Ata Holding Coordinator Tuncer Köklü, who expressed that Ata Grubu companies choosing senCard Flexi aim to achieve better benefits management and cost control in their operational processes, stated: "Through the senCard Flexi Fringe Benefits Platform, which we developed together with Bupa Türkiye in recent years, we are entering a new phase in the self-management of benefits granted to employees. Leveraging the past experiences of Ata Grubu, the platform we have created now provides employees of group companies the opportunity to choose the benefits they are entitled to. We are offering a powerful and flexible tool to our group companies and Human Resources departments to efficiently manage the benefits provided to employees. Employees can not only review their salaries but also the total value of benefits provided by their company through this platform. With all these advantages, the senCard Flexi Fringe Benefits Platform contributes significantly to employee engagement.

Gökhan Gürcan, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bupa Turkiye, emphasized the significance of providing a 'personalized employee experience' for companies, stating that it leads to high productivity and employee engagement. In his statement, he said: "Employees are the most valuable assets companies possess. Especially in the post-pandemic era, we can clearly observe a transformation in the expectations of employees from their companies. Monetary gains alone are no longer the sole criterion. In the increasingly competitive landscape for talent in the business world, it is essential to make the benefits we offer to our employees more visible and appreciated by them. In the changing business environment, companies are seeking new methods to enhance their values.

This is where the senCard Flexi platform, developed in collaboration with ATP, comes into play, providing an innovative platform that adds value for both companies and employees. In this journey initiated by Ata Grubu with its 9 valuable companies in the first phase, we eagerly anticipate the successes we will create together in the future. While extending our innovative and flexible approach to more employees, we will continue to grow and develop together with our business partners.”

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