2023 Strategic Design and Alignment Forum

2023 Strategic Design and Alignment Forum

Participants came together to implement strategies that will shape the future at the forum held in Cyprus,

All management teams came together at the 2023 Strategic Design and Alignment Forum, organized by Bupa Turkiye Health Services, Turkiye's leading integrated healthcare group, in the Cyprus (TRNC) with the slogan "See Your Capacity, Be Strong".

During this event, which was built on the philosophy of needs management and creating value, discussions revolved around the goals and strategies, with a focus on meeting customer needs and expectations through innovative approaches. With the mission of "Happy employees = happy company = success," a wide range of panels consisting of expert managers' presentations were part of this organization. Through a collective consciousness, both goals and strategies were worked on, and successes were celebrated while making it an enjoyable time for the attenders.

The forum discussed the first and significant steps in Bupa Turkiye's integrated healthcare services journey, particularly focusing on what would be done under the senCard Dental Clinic umbrella in the field of oral and dental health and how to deepen their presence in this area. Among Bupa Turkiye's global goals is to become the "world's most customer-centric healthcare service provider," making customer experience, digital customers, growth, and sustainability the focal points of the forum. Gökhan Gürcan, Chairman of the Board of Director of Bupa Turkiye, evaluated the forum as follows: "We have left behind a very important organization where we came together under the Bupa Turkiye umbrella, had the opportunity to share experiences from past to the present in an interactive environment, and shed light on our future goals and strategies with valuable panels. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this highly enjoyable and productive organization, and all members of the management team who have raised our belief in achieving our goals through their contributions. I find our motto “See Your Capacity, Be Strong” very valuable in order to realize the strategic roadmap of Bupa Turkiye, which should think wider and live comprehensive. I believe that destiny and value will belong to all of us."

Atilla Benli, the new General Manager of Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta, who also attended this event, expressed his thoughts by saying, "I am very happy to be together with such a team that has such a beautiful synergy and energy. I am very excited and proud of our projects that will develop from the seeds planted during these panels where inspiring information is shared. I would like to thank everyone involved for their contributions to this very productive organization."

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